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6-Star Dough Docker/Perforator




6-Star Dough Docker First, a necessity in the pizza business, ensures the perfect pizza crust every time. Main purpose of a dough docker is to minimize the occurrence of large bubbles in the finished crust. Tools used to help eliminate any possible air pockets. Depress over dough to minimize the dough from rising or blistering. 6 star dough docker, pierces dough to prevent bubbles forming when baking your pizza crust. This  pizza dough docker is also an essential pastry tool. In fact, perforating rollers made of styrene for long durability.

Also, plastic handle easy grip, above all perfect for pizza dough. In addition, handle is made of  a high strength polypropylene, roller docker perfect to avoid the formation of bubbles in the dough.

Replacement Stars available.

Not only for use in commercial pizzerias, also restaurants as well as home kitchens, used to help eliminate any possible air pockets that might build up from kneading dough

These dockers make a handy addition to your cookware, simply roll the docker wheel to perforate your dough before baking.

A must have for your pizzeria, to create that flawless, even crust for your customers.

Cutters available at link below-

Pizza Cutters-slicers-pizza wheel

Also available at –

Mr Peel Inc



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