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8″ Serrated Bread Knife

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Our 8″ Serrated Bread Knife-saw like teeth for cutting breads,fruits and meats.

For slicing, the 8″serrated bread knife,  for cutting hard crust bread, soft bread vegetables and meats is a must have in your commercial or home kitchen. The serrated bread knife is sturdy and reliable also dishwasher safe. Easy to use and sharp, this blade will not let you down!  Also it will slice your bread with ease and precision.  The knife’s long serrated blade works well to slice through food that is hard on the outside and soft on the inside.Cleanly cuts food with tough or waxy skin like bread, sausage and tomatoes. Saw like teeth for cutting hard crusted loaves of bread. Carves turkey, roasts and ham with ease and precision. Get the slices your customers want from thick to thin, you can achieve it with this clever tool!


The most important requirement for a serrated knife is the ability to cut through bread evenly and cleanly. From our research and testing, we found that serrated knives , slice straighter than regular knife blades, which have a tendency to veer off to one side, resulting in uneven slices.

Instead of struggling with a dull knife that will smash your fresh bread, pick up one today!


Size: 8″ – handle color may vary.

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