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Detroit Style Pizza Pan Lids 2 Sizes

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Detroit style pan lids.

Detroit Style Pizza Pan Lids 2 Sizes

Pan lids allow you to protect your dough without exposing it to airborne debris also dust and other contaminants. One size lids fit the 8″x 10″ Detroit Style Pizza Pans 24 gauge, steel galvanized, pans. Durable individual plastic lid . The second size fits the 10″ X 14″ pan . Holds heat and humidity in the dough for faster proofing. In addition, allows pans to be stacked for proofing.  Quantity pricing available upon request.

  • Durable individual plastic lid that fits an 8×10 Detroit Style Pizza pan
  • Holds heat and humidity in the dough for faster proofing
  • Saves space with ability to stack pans
  • Prevents dough from drying out
  • Keeps dough safe from debris

Black in color, like the pans. Makes a nice addition to your pans, and helps dough rise without exposure. Keep your Detroit pizza dough from drying out today!  Note, Lids do not fit the “Stamped” Alternative Detroit Style Pizza .The lids also feature a stackable profile that can save up to 30 percent of counter space versus traditional crossed stacked bagged dough. Baking Authentic Detroit Style Pizza requires a stringent dough proofing process, and the lids create a far more consistent rise by trapping in heat and humidity for even heat distribution during proofing.

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