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National Marketing pizza cutter,slicers,made of food grade stainless steel with a plastic handle. , Sharp and easy to clean, also safe for dishwasher. An essential tool for any pizzeria or kitchen. This pizza cutter is sharp and sturdy for everyday use. You can also use your cutters/pizza at your bakery for cutting through dough and cookie or dessert pizzas.  A great value addition to almost any commercial pizzeria kitchen also regular kitchens.  2″ cutting wheels. Easy to use, clean and store. Slice your pizza like the pro’s!

+ its safety guard feature will help keep your fingers safely away from the blade.

+ rigid construction, doesn’t flex or wobble
+ can be disassembled for sharpening
+ comfortable handle-Plastic Handle can help you efficiently and quickly slices your pizza-slip resistant polypropylene handle-comfortable grip making it easy to maneuver and control.
+ No sharp edges
+ Blade profile is even
+ Sharp out of box Pizza Cutter Blade makes cutting pizzas faster and more efficient than a traditional knife. Featuring a durable, 2 inch stainless steel blade, this pizza cutter blade attaches to the 3132 Pizza Cutter to help you easily slice through layers of cheese, sauce, and crust.


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Also available at – https://www.mrpeel.com/

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