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Powertech® DC Square Element

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DC square heating element

Square, includes cigarette plug  adapter. Draws 2.6 amps, also the  nylon shell, light weight, maximum temp of 175 degrees in 5 / 10 minutes. Even more, you can plug it, in for extended periods. Plugs into car outlet for maintaining food temperature “on the go.” Give your delivery person the tools they need to succeed! Warm/ hot foods get to customer that way when you use a plug in heating element. Make your pizza customers happy, delivering hot pie! Just plug into power source in your vehicle, and arrive with hot pizza at the door.

  • This heating element works well with Pizza Bags, Restaurant Delivery Bags and Catering Bags

Pizza may lose heat during storage and transportation and temperature of the pizza may decrease. If the product becomes too cool, it may become unacceptable to a customer. As a result, attention has been directed at techniques for keeping a food product warm after it has been cooked.Dc square heating element can be used to keep food items warm during transportation, by plugging element into power source in delivery vehicle .Heating elements can be plugged into the car’s cigarette lighter socket/outlet for continuous heating, for food deliveries that are in transit for more than 30 minutes. Does not store heat if unplugged.


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5 in stock

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