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8″ X 10″ Detroit Style Pizza Pans

M-DS-810. In stock .


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1 Doz. $234.00
2 + Doz. $187.20


8″ X 10″ Detroit Style Pizza Pans

Detroit Style Pizza Pans-Rectangular Blue Steel Pan

These pans are a must have for great deep dish pizza!

Made of a specialty steel for performance baking. Heavy gauge steel also, wire reinforced for increased strength.

Blue steel pans have a gauge of  29.

Authentic Detroit Style,Steel Pans won’t pit, rust, or chip

Black 8″x 10″ Detroit Style  Pans , 29 ga. steel galvanized,
they are 2.25” deep.

Pans only Sold by the Dozen, also, lids are available to purchase separately. 

Get your blue steel pizza pans today! A must have to make Detroit Pizza!

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