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*Eastern Stacking Dough Pan Lids




Eastern Stacking Pan lids-Used for for dough proofing.

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Eastern Stacking Pan lids-Used for for dough proofing. To begin with, they are used with the deluxe Anodized alum dough pans. In addition to being made of 14-ga. tempered aluminum, pan lids are also self stacking. Designed, as a matter of fact, for easy storage.

  • Rim keeps pans from sliding
  • Keep dough as fresh as possible
  • Proofing dough, or allowing dough to rise, is an essential step in baking.
  • lid helps provide a sanitary spot for this process to occur.
  •  lid will help achieve a tighter seal than stacking the pans alone
 Eastern Stacking Pans Lids, clean easily and help refrigerate quickly.  Eastern Stacking Pans Lids, help to free up space on counters, in walk ins, in any pantry or storage area, by making pans easy to stack. Easy storage, keeps off debris, and also easy to stack and clean.  Eastern lids help make your pantry, walk in or counter space,  organized and easily accessible and saves space in kitchen
A must have for your Eastern stacking pans and for your pizzeria! Also a great addition to any pizzeria kitchen!
Dough Proofing Stacking Pans Lids: 40 oz.  or  80 oz. 

Distributors can also find them at MR PEEL INC

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