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Dough Trays-proof-retard-transport. 20″x26″x6 1/4″ Lid

W-BB-2026/5.5LID. In stock .



Dough-tray lids or covers lay on the top of the proof-retard-transport box lid. Keeping off debis and also keeping dough fresh. Dough tray lids are versatile and  easy to clean. Made of  co-polymer polypropolen/teflon, these trays provide stability for stacking dough proofing boxes, while providing cover from debris.  Teflon material also does not support bacteria, or absorb odors. 

Chemically resistant material does not support bacterial growth and will not absorb odors.

Lids are made of our patented polypropylene/Teflon® formula.

 Their temperature tolerances range from blast freezing to steam/autoclave cleaning. 

 The trays Teflon® material is the ultimate in non‐stick releasing your dough easily.

 They are also, NSF listed designs and FDA/USDA compliant.

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