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Pizza Bubble Fork / Bubble Popper Available in 30″ and 41″ long.


Pizza bubble fork, used to prevent bubbles in your crusts during baking.


Available in 2 sizes 30″ and 41″

Actual overall length is 30″ and 41″from top of fork to bottom of handle.

Pizza bubble fork, used to prevent bubbles in your crusts during baking, bubbles in the dough that rise during cooking can ruin any pizza. When they rise, they create empty spots of plain dough in the middle of the pizza.  First of all, popper has a  rivetless wooden handle and aluminum tines forks is available in 30″ and 41″.. Get rid of  excess air, serve your customer the best pizza with pizza bubble popper, not to mention, when bubbles arise while cooking, all the cheese and toppings slid off that area. In addition to, easy access to the inside of  any oven is possible with this unique tool. Solid wood handle make reaching through a window on a conveyer oven or into even deeper commercial pizza ovens easier and safer than ever.  Also, works well with either a conveyor oven or a deck oven! The Pizza bubble fork, a must have for any pizzeria! Pizza Bubble Popper is a convenient tool for popping pizza dough bubbles and blisters which form during the baking process.

Say goodbye to unsightly pizza bubbles with pizza poppers. Use the long-reach tools that deflate dough bubbles while pizza is cooking in the oven. Commercial-grade, with a long wooden handle and large aluminum piercing fork.

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