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Dough tray, 18″x 26″x 3″ or Dough Box

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Dough trays made from Polypropylene proof-retard- plastic material 18″x26″x3″.  5 year pro-rated warranty when used with  Dough Scrapers. .For use that demands performance and quality, these dough trays are unbeatable.  They are also virtually indestructible!  Used for Proof / Retard / Transport Boxes. Our Dough boxes are interchangeable with most other dough boxes. Plus they lock in place. So you only need 1 lid.

Trays are stack able and also,  available in red,green, yellow and blue.  Polypropylene proof-retard- plastic material, great for dough proofing! Stack able for space saving and also has a Stacking seal that eliminates dough crusting during stocking/transport. Teflon® formula makes trays non‐stick: No flour or oil needed.

♦ Polypropylene/Teflon® formulation is patented
♦ Products have broad temperature tolerances – from blast freezing to
steam/autoclave cleaning
♦ Teflon® release properties yield the ultimate in non‐stick and easy‐to‐clean
♦ NSF listed designs and FDA/USDA compliant materials

Box colors available: dark blue, white, red, light blue, green. Coordinate colors to match your daily routines. Mix and match color trays / dough scrapers to organize your inventory.
Lid colors available: in white only.


Dough Tray: 18″ x 26″ x 3″ Lid /Dust Cover

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mr peel inc


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18" x 26" x 3"


2 5/8" usable height


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