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43″ x 15″ Prep Rack/Speed Rail Prep Table

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Prep rack/speed rail ,  perfect tool for making up pizzas!
Made of 3/8″ chrome-plated steel coupled with rubber feet, the prep rack speed rail,  wont scratch up table tops. Use on refrigerated set up tables,  counters. Overage of toppings are caught in pan below. Speeds up pizza preparation. Helps employees with topping portions. Easy to clean, saves on cleaning time. Saves money by reducing waste, saving toppings in pan. Toppings fall into clean pan to reuse!
Prep rack/speed rail , certainly keeps waste down saves on toppings.
In addition to keeping counters clean!
A must have for any pizzeria or restaurant.Speed rails are excellent for prepping your pizza while allowing excess toppings to fall onto the prep table and out of the way of your tray, keeping the mess off your assembled product.  This allows for an easier clean up, faster prep, and a cleaner oven.
Also, portion control, catch extras that fall off when making up pizza in a clean sheet pan below, to be used for another pizza. No waste!
The pans below are a great addition to the speed rail for catching dropped product off pizza.
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