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Stir Stick Paddle / Spoon 30″ – 42″


Wood Stir Stick Paddle /Spoon 30″ –  42″, for sauces, gravies and more!


Wood Stir Stick Paddle /Spoon 30″ –  42″, for sauces, gravies and more! STIR STICK PADDLE,  natural in  color, smooth, sanded finish. Also, sturdy wood mixing paddles , perfect for mixing dough and cooking in a large pot. This PADDLE , can also be seasoned or sealed with oil to preserve finish, and seal the Wood Paddle / Spoon.  Seal using a food safe oil. Rub on  surface of paddle.  Sealed spoon, less likely to pick up unwanted odors, food particles- moisture.  This versatile utensil features a wide frame which is sturdy enough for stirring thick sauces … mixing paddle is exceptionally durable and won’t scratch the surface of non-stick cookware. Designed to stir big pots of food, perfect for jambalaya, gumbo, beans, rice and big pots of soup. The stir paddle is ideal for commercial kitchens, picnics, barbecues, tailgating events and much more. Paddle will make preparing pizza dough much easier.

A smooth, comfortable handle makes the paddle exceptionally easy to use. You can stir a large amount of ingredients in a large pot or kettle with a stirring paddle.


The length makes these paddles ideal for pizza sauce, gravies and more. Will make a great addition to your pizzeria!

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