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Thermal Catering/Delivery Bag- CLOSE OUT SPECIAL CASE OF 3 BAGS FOR $75.00



This is a great deal on a large carry 6  18″ to 20″ pies bag. This bag measures 22″x22″ x 12″ and holds heat for hours. A must have for those who sell big pies!

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Thermal Catering/Delivery bag is spacious able to carry multiple items. Perfect for keeping pizzas hot during delivery.  Made of Red Polyester with Black binding and handles. Perfect for delivering pizzas also carrying containers. Foam insulate excellent heat retention interior, provides. Also, ventilation holes release steam, preventing pizzas from becoming soggy.  Comfortable handling and effortless unloading,  make this bag a must have for catering. Temperature retention: 2 hours at 167° F, 4 hours at 131° F & 6 hours at 95°F, EPE.  As a pizza delivery bag , measures 22″ x 22″ x 13″  and will fit 3 pizza boxes. Outside a stylish red and black, inside is all white.

Thermal Catering/Delivery bag,is perfect for Catering, Pizzerias, Family Reunions, and office parties or meetings. Also school lunch programs.

Large enough to carry 3  pizzas and containers. An indispensable tool for any pizzeria, bakery, or restaurant. Great Product for delivering many pies, kept them hot and fresh!

Food carriers were made to serve that exact purpose, and using insulated carriers to deliver and transport food, be it for delivery or a catered occasion, is smart. Showing up at an event or customer’s door with cold food that’s meant to be heated or a melted dessert that’s meant to stay cool reflects poorly on your establishment. Keep your dinners piping hot and your desserts properly chilled with a few food carriers always on call.


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Available also at MR PEEL INC

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