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Wood Bread Board


Custom Sizes available / call for pricing.

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Wood Bread Board, perfect for bagels, long breads, and so much more! Proofing boards as well as make up boards. Great for square pizza too! Mr. Peel’s High Quality Wood Bread Board Peels, have completely rounded the sides of our handles, creating the most comfortable handle available on wood peels.

Most important features regarding wood peels are below:

  • Glue Joint: Mr. Peel uses the latest radio frequency gluing process, maximizing the actual surface area contacted by the glue. This process ensures the strongest glue joints
  • Weight: Mr. Peel tapers our blade to a 1/4″ dimension before the final taper. This process minimizes overall weight while enabling easy access to the product & maintaining handle strength
  • Finish: Mr. Peel sands our peels to a final finish of 150 Grit, ensuring a consistent, smooth finish.
  • Lumber: Mr. Peel uses the highest-grade domestic Basswoods or Aspen lumber.
  • All Mr. Peel wood peels can be private labeled with your company name on the handle (orders of 32 peels or more).
  • Wood peels are packed 6 per/carton.
  • Mr. Peel also inserts a hole for hanging in the handle of every peel. Mr. Peel guarantees the quality of products against major defect and workmanship.

Note: Never soak or place wood peels in dishwasher. Oil peels with standard kitchen oil (mineral oil) to preserve and to protect it against unpleasant odors.


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Also available at – MR.PEEL,INC



Sold individually 20% off 6 or more peels!


Mr Peel

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